Is my resume silly ?

No, your resume is not silly. What is silly is dealing with incompatible online forms, having to re-type every single word into a word document, struggling to manage the layout and calling the result a resume. Preparing your resume should be simple, straightforward and effective. That’s what we stand for at SillyResume.

How do I start using SillyResume ?

Maybe click on ”Build your Resume”? The first step is always choosing your design template. We have several different designs to make you resume standout.

Is SillyResume different from other resume generators ?

Our resume editor is simple and elegant, it’s better than anything you’ll find on the market. Not to mention our power phrase and keyword suggestion feature literally creates a resume for you! AND, we are silly, so we are cool, got it?

What services come with my subscription ?

Subscription will give you full access to all the SillyResume tools including more than 15 templates, thousands of pre-written suggestions and many other wonderful features.

I don’t like the subscription; can I cancel it? What if we say, I found a job, can I cancel my subscription ?

Ohhh, we are sorry to see you go, but guess what, you are free to leave, no strings attached. We will not refund the already paid fees, however after you cancel your subscription, you can keep using our services until the expiration date.

What about cover letters, resignation letters and other kinds of working documents ?

We got cover letters “covered”, and we have other document generators coming soon! Did we mentioned that we also have resume tutoring, mock interviews and career development services too ?

Will you store my personal information ?

Please refer to our privacy policy for complete details, however rest assured, we won’t sell your personal information for the highest bidder.

Can you guarantee that I will find a job ?

No, but we can help you succeed with our many wonderful services, such as mock interviews, professional consulting, resume tutoring, and more. However, we can guarantee that creating your resume with Sillyresume will be a piece of cake!